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Purchasing a home can be one of the most exciting times in our lives. Whether you are a first time home buyer, moving up to a bigger home, downsizing, or relocating – there is a lot to consider before you sign on the dotted line. You are buying a home, but you are also (usually) buying into a community, a school district, a retail business area and a commuting process. These are all considerations where you can count on my professionalism to assist you.  The sales history of the neighborhood is just as important as the condition of the home as well.  You will be provided with the comps (sales history) of homes in the area to help you determine the value of your potential home. Through the excitement and nerves you can be assured that I will provide you with timely and relevant information to assist you every step of the way.

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“Puja treats every transaction – large and small – with utmost care and has an amazing ability to strike the balance of maximizing value and getting things done. She knows how to work collaboratively with every party involved in a real estate transaction – financing sources, attorneys, developers, other brokers and even contractors.”

– Roy Family

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Before you get too far ahead of yourself by searching online for what is available, I always recommend you get your financing in order and have your mortgage pre-approval ready as a first step. A mortgage pre-approval shows you what you can afford, which in turn allows you (and I) to focus our efforts on finding your perfect home that matches with your situation. 


Working with buyers is one of my favourite parts of being an agent. I start by helping you to narrow down what you need and what you want (these are different, yes) and specifics on location, type of property, size all within your budget (see step 1). I will send you listings regularly, and keep my eyes and ears open for those special properties that I think could be a good match for you. We will view multiple properties to ensure you have a good sense of what is available, as well as discuss recent sold properties to further educate you on what is happening in real time in your market. Don't be surprised if I recommend some properties to you once I know what you are looking for - I have a knack for finding the dream home when least expected!

The Offer is placed

Once we have found "The One", we will make an offer. The offer process does not need to be an intimidating process for you.  I will explain it to you fully, so that you  completely understand the paperwork, the process and all of the fine print and legalese. We will discuss our approach, and I will go to work negotiating on your behalf. Many scenarios can arise in the process, but you can rest assured that I have the skill, stamina and expertise to get you a deal. Once the deal is accepted there will be work to complete with providing a deposit as well as fulfilling any conditions as required by the contract.

The Closing

After we celebrate the acceptance of your offer (a firm deal) there are some important steps  that need to take place before you begin to unpack and redecorate. At this point your lawyer and your lender do a lot of the heavy lifting.  You will have meetings with both to complete the steps needed so that ownership and possession can be transferred to you. There are a number of closing costs involved, which will be conveyed to you in Step 1 (Financing). Once the lender, your lawyer and the seller's lawyer signal that closing has been completed, you will be given instructions on how to obtain your new keys and you can expect a celebratory message or visit from me.

Is this the part where we break up?

No, it is not, not even close, unless you want to of course..  Once you are moved in and settled you can count on me to answer any and all questions. I can help you maneuver through new home ownership questions, neighborhood questions and anything that may pop up.  I like to stay in touch with my clients, so do not be shocked to find random token gifts, texts or messages from me, even years later!

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About Buying Real Estate in NJ?

Yes!  Absolutely.  We will discuss what you are looking for in your purchase and I will recommend communities and different houses to view.  Very few people know exactly what they are looking for and how that matches up with their budget. It is my job to present it all to you and assist you in narrowing down your search. It is important to see a few possible homes before you buy.  There are a many factors that influence if a prospective house is the right house for you and you will only know by viewing homes in person and receiving as much information as you can on each.  It is common for needs and wants to change once you have viewed a few homes.  I will help you determine what is most important when you start viewing (closets for example).  People rarely notice lack of closet space when wowed by a stunning kitchen).

Yes an older home can be a good value indeed if its renovated and is turnkey like a newer home. Moreover older homes depending on comparable home sizes generally have lower taxes so that is an added value. Another thing about older homes is they can be very charming especially if its maintained, this is often very appealing to a lot of people.

Always ask for the sellers disclosure on any property you like and go over that in detail, it can tell you a lot in terms of what kind of work has been done on the property and when it was done.

Lastly, always discuss with your agent any items that is not clear and if you would like more info.

This is a popular topic in real estate agent circles, but it is not widely understood to most buyers. Not everyone agrees with me here, but I would not recommend using the listing agent to represent you when buying a home, unless you are very experienced in real estate transactions and legal contracts. If you are not experienced and skilled in these areas, you will not be guaranteed that you will be represented fully and in your sole best interest.  The listing agent is under contract to fully represent their seller.  To represent 2 sides on the same deal takes a lot of skill to complete ethically and I do not recommend that you take the risk.  The offer process involves many areas that require thought and consideration, and the facts required to make those decisions need to be explained to you in a way that serves your best interest. If you stumble into an Open House on a sunny spring day and fall in love with the house, please call me to assist you.  I can lead you through the process or find a colleague whom you will adore as well that ensures that you are represented well.

If you bought the home in cash then you are liable to pay the taxes and insurance.

Generally when buying a home on financing, the banks keep the monies for the taxes and insurance in escrow and pay from there. You will be paying one lump sum monthly amount to the bank that will include your mortgage payment, taxes, insurance and some portion for the additional months of escrow. 

The loan process generally take from 45 days to 60 days. During this time the bank will order an appraisal on the property and do all their due diligence around underwriting your home. They will also make sure the title for the home if free and clear and work with the title company on that.

Few days before your closing date you will receive a CD (closing disclosure) from the bank that will state clearly on what is owed at the time of closing — remainder downpayment and the closing costs broken down.

Yes.  When purchasing a home there is a lot of focus on the mortgage amount, for good reason. But there is more to home purchasing costs that just the mortgage. You will have to provide the 10% deposit on your purchase within 7-10 days after attorney review concludes. If you are obtaining a Home Inspection on the property you will have to pay for that.  There are legal fees, title fees and title insurance as well to have the property transferred into your ownership and to have the deal close.  There is more detailed info on this here in my blog.

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